Important Notice

4 Jun 2018 - Tried to upgrade litecoin to v0.16.0, but there were problems. Rolled back to v0.15.1.

24 Apr 2018 - The power in the datacenter is being upgraded. As a result I'll have to move the server to different power a few times as circuits are reconfigured. The outages should be short in duration. Thanks for mining on my pool! :)

9 Apr 2018 - Upgraded litecoin to v0.15.1.

26 Mar 2018 - Upgraded p2pool to v33.0.

1 Dec 2017 - Moved I/O intensive files to NVMe and optimized Python, lower latency, hopefully better payouts.

2 Nov 2017 - Upgraded to new hardware, lower latency connection and IPv6 support.


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